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Safe for me

School House Points

At the Bay children in Year 1-6 are placed in house teams. During the year, children take part in competitions and events which gain their team house points. Additionally, throughout the school day, children are awarded with house points in the form of a blue token. Children post these in their team house point box outside the school office.

Every week the house captains empty the house point boxes and announce the totals during the Friday assembly. The results are recorded on the school website along with the yearly total so far. If you find some blue tokens in your laundry basket at home, they are house points your child has earned. Please send them back in so that they can be put in the team box!642D9891B1CB3900766DD8D9E8BD12D8

Good Luck to all our House and Vice-House Captains this year.
May the best house win!

From here you can view the current LIVE data for
our current School House Points.