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Our Christian Values

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Safe for me

School Council

Meet the School Council

These are the members of our new School Council:

Lily Sumner, Blake Poerscout-Edgerton, Milly Harper.

Eddie Johnson, Bradley Jackson, Bethan Marsh, Beau Curran and Tommy Young.


Each of the KS2 classes has a representative and they will be meeting each month to be the voice of the pupils in the school, sharing their views of school life. They will pass on any information from these meetings to their peers and to the KS1 classes. We will be holding our first meeting this month.

The Bay School Council meets Nitons School Council.

On Tuesday 29th November, the School Council went to Niton Primary School to talk with their School Council and to get some new ideas that we would like to have, and things that we could do. After introducing ourselves, we talked about some of the things each School Council does. We have a few new ideas that we will be working on and look forward to telling you about them soon.


By Tommy Young and Milly Harper.