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Our Christian Values
Our Christian Values

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Safe for me
Safe for me

Year 2 Page

Year 2

J Stay

Miss Stay, Teacher.

Mrs B Shove

Mrs Shove, Learning Assistant.

Mrs Elliot

Mrs Elliott, Teacher.

Mrs Kirby

Mrs Kirby, SEN Learning Assistant.

Homework over Half-term

Due to the outstanding work by the children over SATs week, we have decided not to give homework over half term!

Have a lovely week off and we will see you when school starts back up on Monday 5th June.

Please click here to view information about Humanities (History and Geography) and for useful links to help with your children’s learning. 

Victorian Day 

Year 2 dressed up as Victorians for Victorian Day as part of their topic ‘Be seen and not heard…’ The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and experienced a range of activities typical of a Victorian school child, including handwriting and times tables practice, sewing and poetry recitals. Here are some comments from the day…

‘I loved Victorian day even though my teachers were really strict.’ 

‘We had hand inspections and drills, it was really different to normal school.’  

‘I wish we could have Victorian day every day!’ 

The children all looked fantastic in their costumes and adapted really well to Victorian school. They are now looking forward to their Victorian workshop and trip to Osborne House. 


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Our Class 2JS


Our Class 2HE



Latest Ofsted Report – Rated ‘Good’ 2014

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