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Our Christian Values
Our Christian Values

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Mrs Taylor, Teacher.

Mrs Walsh

Mrs Walsh, Teacher.


Mrs Winsland

Mrs Winsland, Learning Assistant.

Mrs Maguire

Mrs Maguire, Learning Assistant.



Nicky Stubbs

Mrs Stubbs. Learning Assistant Support.

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Reception Class Blog

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed a rather soggy weekend. This week we will be learning the letters x,y,z during phonics and looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. Your children are doing really well with their ‘tricky’ key words, so do keep up the good work and continue to practice them at home. Thank you to the parents and friends and family who joined us for the maths workshop. It was a real success and the children really enjoyed you sharing their learning with you. I think the treasure hunt was a big hit and some excellent addition and subtraction going on there!

The children did enjoy the story of Noah’s Ark last week and they are still practicing counting in twos and learning about the different animals that went into the Ark. This week we will be sharing a selection of Julia Donaldson stories; A Squash and a Squeeze as we follow your children’s interests in animals at the moment – watch this space – we have some very special visitors coming into school on Tuesday morning!!

RNT will be doing PE on a Monday morning for the whole of the Spring Term as we will be using the mini apparatus in the hall. Please remember to bring in PE kit and please ensure it is clearly labelled.

Many thanks. See you all tomorrow. 
The Reception Team


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We look forward to a very happy year ahead.  Thank you all for your co-operation and support.
The Reception Team.


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