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Our Christian Values
Our Christian Values

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Safe for me
Safe for me

School Meals

All our school meals are nutritionally balanced and prepared fresh each day to provide the school with a meal that is the best value for money – while still being very tasty, all prepared and cooked by the kitchen team. 

If your child has special dietary requirements please follow the links below to the milk, gluten (no gluten-containing ingredients – NGCI) and dairy free options that are available. Please note, lunches from these menus must be ordered in advance at the office.

Main Menu

Main Menu in Pictures

Milk Free Menu

Egg Free Menu

NGCI Free Menu


We also offer Mid Morning Break snacks for years 1 – 6:

1 slice of toast – 25p

1 Crumpet – 50p

1/2 Tea-Cake – 25p

1 Tea-Cake – 50p

Cuplet – 50p

Water – 50p

 Lunch times