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Inclusion & Special Education Needs

Together with the teachers and extra adults in school, we are here to help make a positive difference for those children who most need it. We aim to work in partnership with parents, families, outside agencies, feeder pre-schools, Children Centres and secondary schools.

We offer a range of interventions and ways of supporting learning; it is important that we identify your child’s needs and provide support for them to learn, feel good about themselves and find ways of achieving success.

For further information please click here to see our The Bay SEND Information Report 2017-18 and SEN Policy.

If you have any concerns about your child’s needs in communication and interaction, learning, social, emotional or mental health and/or physical/sensory areas then ask to have a chat with the class teacher. However, at any time please feel free to come and talk with either Ms Ford or Mrs Willshire – you are welcome to call into the office or phone to arrange a time to meet with us.

Sue 2

Ms S Ford. Childrens Co-ordinator/Acting Deputy Head.


Mrs J Willshire. Family Liaison Officer.


Mrs J Willson. Inclusion Co-ordinator

Mr Hawtin

Mr S Hawtin. Speech, Language and Communication Assistant.

Tammi 2

Mrs T Vincent. Emotional Literacy Support Assistant.


Mrs S Tait. Communication and Interaction Champion. (ASD)

mrs r Forrest

Mrs R Forrest. Intervention Support Assistant.

Mrs Orme, Intervention Support Assistant.

Miss k vacher

Mrs K Vacher. Intervention Support Assistant.

How We Work:We follow the national Code of Practice for SEN and Disability (2014)

SEN Support

Where a child has been identified as needing SEN Support we will make sure we can take positive steps to remove barriers to learning. We will follow a 4-step cycle of ‘assess, plan, do, review’ to revisit and review what we are doing to ensure the child makes good progress and achieves good outcomes.

Statement/Education Health Care Plan

For a small percentage of children they will have a statement of SEN or an Education Health Care Plan issued by the Local Authority. Their needs must first be assessed through a statutory assessment.
Schools and parents can request this if the child’s needs meet the criteria set by the Local Authority.

At each stage there will be shared conversations with parents/carers. We will work together.

All children with a Special Educational Need will have a Pupil Passport. This will be shared with you at each Parent Consultation meeting. It will look like this:

Pupil Passport – Please Click Here

Useful Links

Information on the SEN Code of Practice
Isle of Wight SEN Services
British Dyslexia Association
Dyslexia Action
The National Autistic Society
ICAN (Speech & Language)
Dyspraxia Foundation

The Isle of Wight Council is committed to giving all children and young people high quality education that enables them to make progress and achieve well. For children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs or a disability, additional or specialist support may be needed to enable this. To support the process of identifying the range of provision and advice that is available, the Isle of Wight Local Authority have published a local offer.

For more information about the Local Offer please use the following link

Please click here to view the UNICEF Rights of A Child leaflet